F5Direct is wholly owned and managed by Gregg Le Blanc. It was formed so that Gregg could work more closely with new and evolving technologies – mainly concentrating on their use, positioning, and communication to business and consumer audiences.

The mission of F5Direct is simple

What’s Different about F5Direct?

Connect business, people, and technology in a meaningful way.

Often, technology is a mystery to consumers and businesses alike.

The point of technology, whether its devices, software, new computer systems, or new architecture concepts, is to make something happen more efficiently and make our lives better in some meaningful way.

But, being able to tell how a technology, either new or old, will benefit you is not always clear. F5Direct is here to help.

F5Direct will offer you refreshing directions on technology.

This is a new kind of “technical support.”

Perhaps you have an idea that needs to get communicated to a broad audience either inside your company or to the market at large.

Or maybe you need help clarifying the benefits around an upcoming upgrade or investment.

Or is that new buzzword really a buzz-kill?

F5Direct can help you.

You don’t have to be an expert in every technology in the universe, but together, we can find the answers you seek and deliver the clarity you need so you can move ahead.